Ways to Keep Busy

May 4, 2020

The covid-19 epidemic has had us all scrambling for ways to keep ourselves entertained. It has challenged us all to get creative and find new ways to occupy our seemingly endless time inside. I am a naturally pretty creative person, but I do not enjoy being stuck inside. For me it has been a slight struggle to find things to do with my free time. I have found myself though being able to get back to my creative roots and reconnecting with elements of the arts that I have been neglecting the past few years. Below are a few recommendations I have for keeping yourself busy during these trying times.        

My first recommendation seems to be an activity most people are taking new interest in which is cooking. I have spent more time now than I ever have in the kitchen learning new recipes I once thought I could never accomplish. My most recent favorite dish is stuffed pizza peppers with spicy sausage. They are a very easy dish to make, healthy, and taste absolutely incredible.

My second recommendation is to read for fun. I love reading but have severely neglected reading for fun while in school due to my abundance of work. I have been able to read so many different books that I have been dying to check out for quite some time now. Also an awesome deal that amazon has going for people with a prime account is a free kindle library. Many popular titles are free of charge. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of for these next few months.

My third recommendation is to paint. I have always been very into the arts of painting and drawing. I have found that not only is it time consuming and fun, but it is also severely soothing. I really enjoy taking some quiet time to myself to paint or draw outside when the weather is nice. It also helps me keep my brain engaged and livens up my mood.

My fourth recommendation is to find a new series on Netflix that you maybe would have not initially watched. I have asked my parents for recommendations of shows that used to be popular a few years ago to dive into. I have found some really amazing series that really keep my interest.

My final recommendation relates to tv and film is to download the app letterboxed. It is created for those interested in film. It has every film known to man logged into with all the information one would want to know. There is also an interactive portion where you can write reviews, comments, etc. My favorite two features are firstly the app tells you where the movie you are looking for is available. This availability function provides app users with all the platforms one can you to stream the film. My second favorite function to this app is the “lists” function. The lists are created by any user and extremely creative. I have found so many movies I have never seen nor heard of from this incredible app.

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