The Next Step

May 4, 2020

This is a crazy time in our young lives, and I must say that I am honestly nervous for the future. Not only are we facing a global epidemic but in my personal life I am closing the door to my academic career. As a spring 2020 graduate I am now about to make the next step entering the career world. Leaving the small town of Oxford is going to be hard. I have to say goodbye to the place I have spent the past four years in. I will no longer be living with my best friends here and we are all going on our separate ways in different states. This is a time in my life where I am starting over again.

Come this August I still plan to be moving to Los Angeles to chase my dreams in the entertainment industry. It will be a lot of work, but I feel I am more prepared than ever to take this on. My real concern though is starting over and having no one to lean on while I am out there. Just four years ago I did the same thing. I moved to a brand-new place and forced myself to be social and have made incredible friends here. Now in Los Angeles I will be forced to do the same thing.

I wanted to try and figure out what I was getting myself into, so I reached out to my favorite Los Angeles blogger, Payton Sartain. Payton gave me some words of encouragement that I wanted to share. The topic of our conversation was being nervous upon arrival in big cities post grad. Here is what Payton shared with me, “So it really depends on what you want to do. Living in LA/NY absolutely allows for 10x the opportunity for some career paths, but not for others. It’s a difficult place to live, but the challenge is something I was looking for. It takes a while to find your people, but you do. It can feel lonely at times, but that’s not the worst thing in the world.” Payton continues by saying, “This is the type of place that shows you who you are & gives you so much opportunity if you’re willing to work.”

Payton’s words of friendly advice really spoke to me. She came from a college atmosphere much like mine and created an amazing career for herself. Seeing her create her dream has been such an inspiration to me. She has made me realize that regardless of my fears for moving  to one of the larger cities it will all be worth it with the hard work that I am willing to put in. One thing to keep in mind when moving to these cities that Payton made me realize is you’re moving out there for you and to chase something that you truly want. With that all being said taking the leap of faith is really worth it and everything else, the comfortability, will follow.

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