May 4, 2020

This has been a very trying time in everyone’s lives right now. I feel like every day there’s a new piece to the puzzle. The information I see is usually negative and causes me to not even want to look at the media anymore. We live in a day and age where anyone can say, write, and post anything online. I have seen so many stories that have no credentials to be baked up as factual and cause more fear than good. So what are we do to with all this news coming at us especially during this epidemic?

            I have learned the best way for me to cope with all this is news is to limit my time online. I stick to reading stories only from real news corporations because I feel that those have been the most honest I could find. With the media being filled with such grim news now it is really hard to see stories from publications such as Daily Mail. These new medias aren’t even skilled enough to make sure that words are spelled correctly so why would anyone ever take their stories seriously.

            My anger towards Daily Mail and sites like that is serious. I am so sick of them reporting only useless information such as what B level celebrities are wearing during their quarantine. I am sick of seeing their other posts of grim horrible news such as “we may never be leaving our homes” and having not actual substance to their content. Young people choose to read these publications more than ones such as NBC, ABD, The New York Post, etc. These young people are getting their news from last minute, awful stories. They then take it and run with it, tell their friends, and act as if it is all true. My reasoning for this blog post may be seen as a rant, but it is truly something I can’t stand to see anymore. I hope I am not the only one to see this as an issue. I truly wish for these publications to actually put some real effort in if they are going to continue to post to this many people.

            A world of advice, please take what media you consume seriously. Find a few publications that actually spend time on working on stories and finding out the real details. I always make sure to look at many publications to try and see different sides of stories by journalists who truly care about the stories they are putting out into the public. As a journalism student I think it is important to find all the facts before a story goes public. I truly wish to see more stories, especially on the topic of covid, that are from many different angles. I wish to see more stories about what is really going in hospitals, what nurses are feeling going into work every day, how families are handling sick loved ones, and much, much more. 

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